Top 10 British Bands Who Never Cracked America

By | February 6, 2018

Top 10 British Bands Who Never Made It In America
There have been countless bands that took the USA by storm, from the likes of the Beatles to recent artist Ed Sheeran. But not all musicians find such luck, and some are doomed to stay within the UK. In this episode we’re highlighting some of the greatest British bands that never cracked America such as The Stone Roses, Maximo Park, and the Jam.

List entries and rank:
#10. Supergrass
#9. Madness
#8. Take That
#7. Kasabian
#6. Happy Mondays
#5. Stereophonics
#4. Manic Street Preachers
#3, #2, #1: ???

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Top 10 Bands From Manchester

These popular Manchester bands have become world famous for their brilliant, award-winning music. For this list we focus on the most popular bands to come out of Manchester and delve into bands such as Oasis, Joy Division, The Stone Roses, The Smiths, The Chemical Brothers and The Verve, but which one tops our list? Watch our video of the Top 10 Bands from Manchester to find out.

00:35 #10: The Fall
01:32 #9: The Verve
02:33 #8: The Chemical Brothers
03:28 #7: New Order
04:30 #6: Elbow
05:37 #5: Buzzcocks
06:34 #4: Oasis
07:37 #3, #2, #1: ???

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40 thoughts on “Top 10 British Bands Who Never Cracked America

  1. David Jackson

    I thought The Waterboys would have cracked America. There does be music festival in parts of the US for Irish/Scottish bands usually in Massachusetts/ Maine.

  2. Hunyadi János

    "America doesn't deserves us yet. They're fuckin' wankers." Mani.
    I love Mani even more now.

  3. txgoldrush

    There is absolutely no good reason why Stereophonics did not break in America. Seriously, why isn't "Caught By The Wind" on alternative radio over here? They could have easily have if they had decent promotion over here.

  4. Geoffrey Lee

    Mind you the US shied away Queen when Freddie Mercury grew a moustache. US popular music is 180 minutes of drivel every 180 minutes.

  5. Geoffrey Lee

    Are you referring to the US? then say so. All of these bands were known in Canada … another American country. As are Mexico, and countries further south …

  6. Liza Kolganova

    It's so cool to live in Russia, because we know American, European and our own music, of course. I know and listen to most of these bands. And Kasabian is as big there as Arctic monkeys, for example. Take that, Girls around – we all know and like them.

  7. Ben Naylor

    This was uploaded in 2017 but it says there still fails to be a Stone Roses reunion. They've been back together for 5 years now

  8. MuteTech

    Really I have heard of all these bands. Not so much of the never cracked the usa charts. =p

  9. Harambe

    The roses took five years to make a new album because they had been in court about previous management trouble, the judge chose to strip them a few years of recording, which stopped them from producing an album that was good as their debut, and which drove them into the ground, trust me, the band wasn't lazy, they just weren't allowed to create an album for a few years

  10. One-Eye

    The Wildhearts. Best British hard rock band of the last 30 years. They had the misfortune of having their incredible debut album come out only months apart from Oasis' 'Definitely Maybe'.

    They still went on to put out a lot of incredible albums, but were so drug-addled and self-destructive that they pretty much fucked up every chance they had of become a huge mainstream success.

    The main songwriter, Ginger, remains the best and most prolific songwriter in the world.

  11. Bentley Walker

    With Madness' association with skinheads, it wasn't particularly racists, all skinheads originate from Jamaican rudeboy style from the 1960s – after Jamaican immigrants brought ska and reggae to the UK.
    This was so significant that skinhead reggae is its own genre and black skinheads were commonplace.

    Later on though, NF (National Front, racist 80s political party) members wanted to look tough and intimidating, so they adopted skinhead style.

    This was around the same as the Two-Tone ska revival, with bands like The Specials, The Selecter, The (English) Beat, and the aforementioned Madness (who are at their core, a ska band – their name taken from the Prince Buster song).

    As a result, the multi-cultural, anti-racist Two-Tone revival's only all-white band – Madness – was victim to crowd troubles from nazi boneheads and was heavily criticised by the media, but it didn't last long.

    The whole Two-Tone movement was hugely influential on US ska-punk, and most Americans don't even know, the likes of Reel Big Fish, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and the most Two-Tone band of all early US ska – The Toasters wouldn't exist without anything previously mentioned.

  12. Gerge Jack

    1.The Smiths
    2.Joy Division
    3.The Chameleons
    4.The Stone Roses
    6.New Order
    7.The Verve

  13. @Chelsea4All - Instagram 💙⚽️

    With all due respect to joy division, from the clips shown at least would you rather go and see them live more than oasis?

  14. CHAZ xR

    Oasis should be number 1 as they were the best band in the world and the verve are from Wigan

  15. Alfredo Aguilera

    Joy Division was generation defining, they basically achieved what Nirvana achieved a decade later. Definitely number 1.


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