13 thoughts on “The queen band

  1. Dizzyphan

    Huge fan of the Guards but I've always wondered why in British bands do the cornet/trumpet players, clarinetists and others have their heads downward when playing? Looks like they're looking at the ground?

  2. Cécile Fox

    I love all these wonderful ceremonies! I saw the Queen on horse-back, way back in the 60's at T.he Trooping of the Colour-as a little girl.

  3. Cat Lover

    The sound quality is painful and so much messing about before the music begins

  4. Emily Windsor-Cragg

    I see a LOT MORE WOMEN now, than in the "Guarding the Queen" series. And in my day, back in the 60s and 70s when I was a mechanic among 108 men at Xerox Corp., I did the job, and I did it well. And these women follow on, that tradition.

  5. Leo Hitchcock

    What is the name of the march at the end ?

  6. mariasmyles

    10:05 the trombone player next to the left-hand man…. he needs to get his shoulders back, chest out, and grow three inches. Disgrace

  7. trafalgarssn

    What happened to tall guardsman ? At one time a recruit for the guards had to be 6ft and above

  8. Hjaltland60

    The Band of the Grenadiers march off with "March Of The Anzacs" composed by Alex F. Lithgow.


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