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Liam Gallagher: The Majority of Solo Stars Are Cunts

Liam Gallagher: The Majority of Solo Stars Are Cunts Oasis’ Liam Gallagher said he’s no fan of solo stars, explaining to Noisey: “The majority of solo stars are cunts. “The ones that split bands up because they need their egos fuckin’ stroked are the biggest cunts. “If someone said to me, ‘OK, get Oasis back … Read more on Ultimate Guitar James Corden Responds To Liam Gallagher’s Rude Comments “No,… Read More »

Roxanne Band Cover Ugly Indea School Stars Winners

Like Our Facebook Page ! http://www.facebook.com/UglyIndea This is our mash-up of ‘Roxanne’ and ‘Don”t Stand so Close to Me’ by The Police! This is filmed in our school for a competion called ‘School Stars’! We came first in the competition and we are going to the All Ireland Final in the New Year! Enjoy! -Ugly Indea This video is only being used for entertainment use only and all rights go… Read More »

Elton John Tickets – One of England’s Shining Stars

Elton John is one of the shining stars of British music, an incredible performer and amazingly talented artists and composer. John first broke into the industry in the early 1970s. Though his breakthrough came at the start of the ’70s, Elton John actually released his debut album, Empty Sky, in 1969. The album was an important one, as it marked the start of his long-standing collaboration with lyricist Bernie Taupin.… Read More »