Stairway to Sky.

By | March 17, 2018

A few nice led zeppelin images I found:

Stairway to Sky.
led zeppelin
Image by Safa Topal
View large and on black, press "L"

500px | Twitter

I was in Londonderry in Northern Ireland with some friends and preferred to keep the distance between them for a while to shoot some photographs and here we go.

Have a look at the song: Stairway to Heaven from Led Zeppelin

Stairway To Heaven With Nature Lover…!!! :)))
led zeppelin
Image by Denis Collette…!!!
I received a wonderful testimonial from an angel… my lovely friend Sara… another one of the most talented artist on Flickr… !!!
She posts always a so joyful images of flowers… and at a so high level of quality … I make a trip around the world on each ones… I feel how she’s so happy to be alive…!!!
If you want a happy day… just look at her stream :

Stairway To Heaven… Led Zeppelin…!!!

Robert Plant & John Paul Jones
led zeppelin
Image by Juan Antonio González

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