God Save the Queen (South Africa) — The Royal Anthem Band

♦ National Anthem of the Union of South Africa (1910-1957): “God Save the Queen” ♦ “Die Stem” became an unofficial anthem when South African media would play the song at the end of broadcasts along with “God Save the King” (the official anthem), starting in the 1920s. In 1936 is was unanimously selected by a South African culture organization devoted to selecting a national anthem for South Africa as their… Read More »

John Lennon – Imagine – Lyrics

John Lennon in Imagine! with Lyrics! Lyrics: Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people living for today Imagine there’s no countries It isn’t hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no religion too Imagine all the people living life in peace You, you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only… Read More »

Changing The Queen’s Guard – Grenadier Guards Band + Corps of Drums – 10 June 2015

The Band of the Grenadier Guards accompanying the New Guard, on this day found by 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, from Wellington Barracks to Buckingham Palace for Changing the Queen’s Guard on 10 June 2015. After the ceremony, the Band accompanies the Old Guard, 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, back to Wellington Barracks. 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards Corps of Drums accompanying the Old Guard, St James’s Palace Detachment, on this day found… Read More »

Nice The Police Band photos

Some cool the police band images: Honiara, Solomon Islands Image by 350.org In Honiara, more than 350 people were involved in a full-day event to promote climate change awareness and call for strong action from world governments. Many thanks to our great photographer Jenny Riesz for capturing the event. The day began with a march down the main street, featuring decorated trucks and special 350 t-shirts painstakingly printed by Red… Read More »

Stairway to Sky.

A few nice led zeppelin images I found: Stairway to Sky. Image by Safa Topal View large and on black, press "L" 500px | Twitter I was in Londonderry in Northern Ireland with some friends and preferred to keep the distance between them for a while to shoot some photographs and here we go. Have a look at the song: Stairway to Heaven from Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven With… Read More »

Nice Led Zeppelin photos

Some cool led zeppelin images: Paseo de Colón Sevilla Image by Calvo Pastor Dog Days of August – John Cephas & Phil WIggins youtu.be/b_Bz30sLZ2Y Led Zeppelin – Black Dog youtu.be/3bVTwIZOzVY Emerson, Lake, and Palmer- Trilogy youtu.be/0iv_rC7d9tI Led Zeppelin Gold Record Image by kid static Misty Mountain Hop – Led Zeppelin #np Image by uanderman Mt. Manglayang behind the fog