No Quarter – Led Zeppelin HD (with lyrics)

By | January 29, 2018

I own nothing in this video, all the credits goes to Led Zeppelin.

Close the door, put out the light.
You know they won’t be home tonight.
The snow falls hard and don’t you know?
The winds of Thor are blowing cold.
They’re wearing steel that’s bright and true
They carry news that must get through.

They choose the path where no-one goes.

They hold no quarter.

Walking side by side with death, The devil mocks their every step
The snow drives back the foot that’s slow, The dogs of doom are howling more
They carry news that must get through, To build a dream for me and you

They choose the path where no-one goes.

They hold no quarter. They ask no quarter.
The pain, the pain without quarter.
They ask no quarter.
The dogs of doom are howling more!
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20 thoughts on “No Quarter – Led Zeppelin HD (with lyrics)

  1. David Middlestetter

    I was in high school when "Houses of the Holy" came out. Everyone seemed to think it was Led Zep's worst album but I thought it was their best. There is just something different about it. It's the only one I have on CD.

  2. Jennifer Sorrell

    WEO I think of you when I hear this song…all the crazy times we shared as kids!! Wishing you the best always…your JRE


    Awesome song. I like the guitar at around 4:00 – then you hear the beginnings of the guitarkaazoo sound famous much later in Fool In The Rain.

  4. Paul Duffin

    Beautiful and haunting rolled into one; quite possibly the very best Led Zeppelin had to offer. John Paul Jones on piano brings the beauty to a greater height; Robert Plants Lyrics are perfect and Mr Bonham (RIP) there is no percussionist like you, you are God in the world of Music!

  5. axeman 36

    They certainly loved Norse mythology.Its crazy that tools cover is way better than original.if know ones heard I suggest you check it out.

  6. James D

    This, Planet Carvan by Sabbath and Echoes by Pink Floyd are amazing songs that feel somewhat similar

  7. britt payne

    i once made a jacket for a friend in highschool, with rockn roll writing in artsy form all over it. and I spelled led zeppelin took up the whole left arm. yaaaaaah.

  8. Chapterhouse86

    God the crunchy fucking sound of Jimmy's guitar…..fuck me its like sex for my ears, then he switches it to clean in the middle, my god. Not to mention the effects on the piano that makes it sound underwater. I'd love to know how they achieved those sounds. Great song.

  9. william henry

    i was lucky enough to have seen LedZep in Frankfurt West Germany in July 1980

  10. scott lunn

    I can envision a man in rags and poorly made armor dragging himself to the top of a snow covered mountain at sunrise. Frost bitten and exhausted, carrying a message to his army that means either their escape from certain death or their destruction. As the sun rises he looks out to see miles of mountains yet to be traversed.

  11. juliet jowett

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