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By | March 18, 2018

Some cool the police band images:

Honiara, Solomon Islands

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In Honiara, more than 350 people were involved in a full-day event to
promote climate change awareness and call for strong action from world
governments. Many thanks to our great photographer Jenny Riesz for capturing
the event.

The day began with a march down the main street, featuring decorated trucks
and special 350 t-shirts painstakingly printed by Red Cross volunteers.
Every participant was wearing red to show our unity in the face of climate
change – including schools, churches, two Ministries, and many NGOs. Led by
the Police Band, we received many cheers, smiles and toots from onlookers
and passing traffic.

The march was followed by a ‘festival’ style event, kicked off by the
Minister for Environment, Conservation and Meterology, who told us: “Our
common but differentiated responsibility must be translated into a
meaningful solution to tackle the climate change problem. This meaningful
solution is found squarely in the 350 ppm target.” The British High
Commissioner called on Solomon Islanders to raise their voices.

In spite of the tropical rain, NGOs and government departments held stalls
to explain how their work relates to climate change. The crowd was
entertained by live bands and both kastom and contemporary dance – one band
played an original set entirely on the theme of climate change and the
environment! The children participated in an art competition and a quiz,
through which was evident their concern about the impacts of climate change.

The 350 ppm level is a matter of survival for countries like the Solomon
Islands. On October 24, the people of Honiara came together to tell the rest
of the world. We hope they were listening.

the “police” band performance

Image by jenlen

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