20 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven Live

  1. Varun Krishna

    If it was the last day on Earth. Stairway Heaven would play all around and you won't where is coming from! And as we take the stairway to heaven, we would see Led Zeppelin there!

  2. Mohamad Izham

    thanks jimmy page to produce a piece of art (his guitar solo) i just cant get enough of it. please dont take this away. i need a daily dose of the guitar solo everyday for the rest of my life.

  3. TheKickerbabe1

    They cut off Jimmy Page’s comment…I think this is about hope.

  4. Mark Miller

    The best way to end a long day!!! I can't get enough of LED Zeppelin it really calms my soul…

  5. Владислав Чередниченко

    "An object of concern is the first step to art". Carl Gustav Jung

  6. Raimonda Spoleti

    Stairway to heaven my favorite song of the mitic band Led Zeppelin!Wonderful!


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