Ink Spots for Autumn Dreamers, Malibu Ca 2012

By | June 21, 2018

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Ink Spots for Autumn Dreamers, Malibu Ca 2012

Image by ™ Pacheco
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Hail to today, it’s sunday morning in the Malibu bowl. Amongst the the soothing sounds of yard sprinkler battles and echoing thundery Jets from LAX panning thru the canyon, I’m dreaming of the Sierras. Earthshaker is manning the water hose and tending to thirsty backyard brush, bella and cowboy at the first second of sprinkler mayhem have ran to hide in the house, our swollows have headed north, while me, I’m sprawled out in the shade with my laptop overlooking the Santa Monica mountain range monitoring northerly foliage and weather reports. It’s a typical early fall day in late September for us. My car is happily packed for a last minute escape plan to the north If I should decide to do such a thing in quick fashion. Blue jays are invading our oaks as we speak and gathering twigs for winter purpose while the air is crisp and vivid with autumn memories. This week I heard a quote that to this moment still sings in my subconscious…. "It’s ok to lose a moment, to save a life." I think I’ll always remember that. Ego is a powerful drug, but when it stands in the way of your long term dreams, it becomes a problem. Ask a pumpkin, he knows.
Marcela just said from a smile "It’s a winter wonderland out here, look at the sun flare thru the water droplets, it’s a watering frenzy… go get your camera!!!" 🙂
Hold on fancy pants I’m typing. Nothing makes her happier than watering the back yard while chatting with Hank Hawk… with waking up to backyard construction worker noise a very close second.

Image info: I took this image in 2012 near the Malibu Flagoon. Low tide pools and winter storms created quite the watery ink spots that day. I had my pick for sure. I took this particular image hand held at ISO 640 with a 17MM held really close to the ground. The quick shutter I find works well with distinct reflections and really captures that mirror like effect when desired. What a day. Some days I over plan and try so damn hard only to achieve mediocre results, while other times, it’s all just so darn unplanned and effortless. I just know theirs a life lesson in there somewhere. It’s that "Don’t swim upstream" thang. Move like water, sting like a bee.
Yeh, that’s it. Goodbye for now, hope you enjoy my Malibu Freudian Ink Spot exam. What do you see? I’m kinda partial today, all i see is colored Aspens right now.

"All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey…. California dreamin.. on such a winters day"


Image by wwarby
Live 8, Sting

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