God Save the Queen (South Africa) — The Royal Anthem Band

By | April 2, 2018

♦ National Anthem of the Union of South Africa (1910-1957): “God Save the Queen”

♦ “Die Stem” became an unofficial anthem when South African media would play the song at the end of broadcasts along with “God Save the King” (the official anthem), starting in the 1920s. In 1936 is was unanimously selected by a South African culture organization devoted to selecting a national anthem for South Africa as their choice for a new anthem. In 1938, it was decided that “Die Stem” would be played at the opening of Parliament, and in 1957 it was declared as South Africa’s official national anthem.

(The Red Ensign was for use at sea as the merchant fleet ensign. This version of the South African Red Ensign continued in use in the merchant navy until 1951 when it was finally displaced at sea by the South African national flag in terms of the Merchant Shipping Act of that year)

♦ Elizabeth II was the last reigning Queen of South Africa.
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One thought on “God Save the Queen (South Africa) — The Royal Anthem Band

  1. southafricandominion

    The national anthem of South Africa was Die Stem van Suid Afrika from 1936 to 1957 with God Save the King/Queen. After 1957, it was only Die Stem


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