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The Police – Every Breath You Take

Listen to more from The Police: Discover more about this track here: Listen to The Police playlists here: Discover more about this track and what made it one of the defining pop singles of the 1980s: The Police And America’s Favourite Hit Of 1983 Experience The Police on Half Speed Mastered Vinyl LP: Music video by The Police performing Every Breath You Take (Black and White Version).… Read More »

Ink Spots for Autumn Dreamers, Malibu Ca 2012

Check out these sting images: Ink Spots for Autumn Dreamers, Malibu Ca 2012 Image by ™ Pacheco View large on black Hail to today, it’s sunday morning in the Malibu bowl. Amongst the the soothing sounds of yard sprinkler battles and echoing thundery Jets from LAX panning thru the canyon, I’m dreaming of the Sierras. Earthshaker is manning the water hose and tending to thirsty backyard brush, bella and cowboy… Read More »

Α Thousand Years – Sting – LYRICS

Copyright belongs to the Record Label/Company and the Artist. I do not own any video/audio contents. No copyrights intended. Album: Brand New Day (released by A&M Records on September 24, 1999) The album earned Sting two Grammy awards including his third win for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, which he won for the title track and Best Pop Vocal Album. For Sting, jazz has always been a major influence on… Read More »

Don´t let me down

Check out these the beatles images: Don´t let me down Image by disgustipado ♫♪♫ The Beatles – Don’t let me down ♪♫♫ the beatles Image by Liz Wong Good Day Sunshine Image by Mkorho We take a walk, the sun is shining down, Burns my feet as they touch the ground, Good day sunshine, good day sunshine, Good day sunshine.

The Beatles – Rain

Official site: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Music video by The Beatles performing Rain. (C) 2015 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group) / Subafilms Ltd Video Rating: / 5

Cool Led Zeppelin images

Check out these led zeppelin images: John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin Bass Guitar Image by PMillera4 Led Zeppelin for ever and more Image by ZZ Bottom Visit this location at Led Zeppelin for ever and more …. in Second Life Day fifty five Image by magiccyril 55/365 – Whole Lotta Love ~ Led Zeppelin I hadn’t any idea tonight. We went to see Matthieu, I saw his sofa, and… Read More »

Cool Sting images

A few nice sting images I found: Blue dragon-glaucus atlanticus Image by Sylke Rohrlach Also known as Sea Swallow, Blue Glaucus, Blue Sea Slug, Blue Ocean Slug and Lizard Nudibranch. Washed ashore at Bronte Beach, Sydney, NSW. Diet: Bluebottle (physalia physalis) Speciality: Stores stinging nematocysts from the bluebottle within its own tissues, which is additional protection from predation Discovered: 1777, Forster sting Image by Terry Bain ————— Terry | Bain… Read More »