20 thoughts on “British Rock Bands 2013

  1. LauraVevo

    im not british…but i think you guys missed the vamps

  2. Jordan Robinson

    I've seen most comments and the majority of people haven't even mentioned one of the greatest British bands of all time… The Smiths.

  3. Leah Moses

    radiohead is a good band. Coldplay looks up to radiohead

  4. Fabrizio Portuondo

    Man this is probably The worst top ever!!! Most of this bands are shit! It really sucks , youre The biggest posser ever! Artic monkeys sucks, their guitarrists , vocalist, drummer And bassist play like shit!

  5. Louis.C

    So you put rubbish like coldplay and kasabian but don't put the greatest band of all time the stone roses. Your lack of musical taste makes me ill

  6. charles cluff

    radiohead arctic monkeys coldplay beatles the kinks rolling stones blur oasis sex pistoles black sabbath pink floyd led zepplin the who kasabian the smiths deep purple the clash motorhead queen the police stone roses muse sweet

  7. Douglas Marcel

    Wow you look like someone who dont fucking know anything about music -.- your fuckin retarded piece of shit

  8. cgcAWESOME84

    Iron maiden
    Judas Priest
    Black sabbath
    Deep purple
    Pink Floyd
    The who
    Sex pistols
    The clash
    Killing joke
    Joy division
    The smiths
    Flock of seagulls
    The police
    The exploited
    Stone roses

    I just named a bunch of british bands just to piss you off 😉

  9. Lake SuttonButtons

    Hey hey momma said the way you move gonna make you sweat gonna make you groove ban Dan ban da wer wer du du Du du du du her


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