British Classic Rock Bands

By | April 8, 2018

A slideshow I made for a school project on British culture.

Top 10 Greatest Rock Bands

These groups defined rock and roll. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 greatest rock bands of all time. Special thanks to our users Shaun Vega, Mikewayne for submitting the idea for this video on our page!

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38 thoughts on “British Classic Rock Bands

  1. Charlie L

    cocaine is NOT a cream song. it was also NOT written by eric clapton. it was written by JJ Cale and covered by clapton

  2. Andrei Luzko

    @btm16 all of the bands that he featured were better than overrated queen

  3. Andrei Luzko

    cocaine is not a cream song its a clapton song he wrote it after cream had already broke up.

  4. Professional Bob

    Its amazing to think that the tiny nation i live in came up with so many great bands and artisits!
    Rolling Stones are my favourite cos i live in the same town that Mick Jagger grew up in!
    Rock on Dartford!!!!!!
    WOOO Nobody will know where that is!!!

  5. Jack Roberts

    @dextergallant scotland is in britain and brian johnson is from newcastle which is in england . go back to school

  6. D Gallant

    @yaziey09 ac dc isn't british it's scotish/ australian

  7. D Gallant

    cocaine wasnt played by cream it was played by a studio band when he went solo

  8. gypsygirl731

    I love british music since when i started listening to music . i had a haunt to be drawn near castles UK an brit music. Perhaps because of my english heritage altho im in ny usa something about the energy is high in their music

  9. NascarGoose

    When you did The Who, you cut off Roger's singing with The damn Beatles.

  10. 51romano

    all the bends in the list are greats and true rock music!

  11. LinkBulletBill

    finally! a decent true list of talented british artists!

  12. Emptybee

    I don’t agree with the Beatles at number 1, I prefer queen, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin over the beatles

  13. Δημητρης Τετραδης

    No acdc, no scorpions, no deep purple, no pink floyd, no guns and roses??

  14. The ABacross

    Nothing beats Led Zeppelin nobody. I don't even like them that much but yea.

  15. Jack McNamara

    This is my list : 10.Lynyrd skynyrd 9.Metallica 8.Black Sabbath 7.the who 6.Nirvana 5.queen 4.Rolling stones 3.ACDC 2.Guns n roses and finally number 1. Led zeppelin

  16. LukyLuc 051

    Love the way they introduce The Rolling Stones at 5:40. “The greatest rock and roll band in the world” but they put them 5th on their own list. Haha

  17. LukyLuc 051

    What about AC/DC, gums and roses, the white stripes, RHCP, the Jimi Hendrix experience. I’ve never even heard of Radiohead

  18. Syntax

    I feel like i’m the only human being left in the world who likes Aerosmith for fucks sake

  19. Mud Stone

    Here are my top 10 fav rock & Roll bands:

    1. The Who (of course)
    2. Pink Floyd
    3. The Doors
    4. Led Zeppelin
    5. Jefferson Airplane
    6. Yes
    7. Cream
    8. CSNY
    9. Jimi Hendrix
    10. The Rolling Stones

  20. stella finexa

    I don't know why Mcfly or Mcbusted soo underrated… They are real talent

  21. Bal Bonin

    Here is my top ten rock bands of all time
    1.Led Zeppelin
    2.The Beatles
    3.The Rolling Stones
    5.Pink Floyd/The Doors
    8.Guns n Roses
    9.The Who
    10.The Ramones

  22. Alek Travis

    The fact that GUNS AND ROSES. GUNS. AND ROSES. WASNT EVEN AN “HONORABLE MENTION” doesn’t make sense and kind of discredits this stuff


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